Queen City Adventure Emma Latier Elmira NY

Queen City Adventure

New York History Review
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By Emma Latier

Emma Latier had a heck of good time in 1902. She was a young married woman from Wayne, New York who came to Elmira, New York with her husband Floyd. They took advantage of the high life in the “big city.” Elmira was a grand place in 1902 with a population was 35,000 and rising. Upscale shops, opera and theatre, fun activities at Eldridge Park and Rorick’s Glen, and fine restaurants kept Emma busy. Elmira was also a main railroad hub with sixty-seven trains each day coming and going in all directions. Harper's New York & Erie Railroad Guide gave Elmira the nickname “Queen City of the Southern Tier.” This is Emma’s "Queen City Adventure." This diary is from New York History Review's "Learning from History" series of printed primary source materials.

ISBN 978-0-578-06938-8
Paperback 96 pages