My Centennial Diary Earll K. Gurnee Skaneatles NY

My Centennial Diary: A Year In The Life Of A Country Boy

New York History Review
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by Earll K. Gurnee

What happened on a normal day to a normal teenager in 1876? Step inside the world of 18-year-old Earll K. Gurnee, a teenager in Skaneateles, New York, as he lives his everyday life. "My Centennial Diary" invites us into Earll's world. He writes of school, family life, social life, farm life, girlfriends, and hard work. His teacher gets arrested for being too brutal to children, he juggles two girlfriends, he plows, cuts hay, and cleans out the horse barn....then wonders why his back hurts! From New York History Review's "Learning from History" series of printed primary source materials.


ISBN 9780578029856
Paperback 88 pages