A Darned Good Time Miss Lucy Potter
A Darned Good Time

A Darned Good Time

New York History Review
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By Miss Lucy Potter

What happened on a typical day to an average teenager in 1868? Step inside the world of 13-year-old Lucy Potter as she lives her everyday life in Cortland County, New York. A Darned Good Time invites us into Lucy's world. She writes of classes, teachers, friends, boys, a new stepmother, an invalid aunt, and complains about upstate New York weather. She writes of her rotten lousy boyfriend Abb, who eventually marries her cousin. Lucy's words transport us through time to experience teenager life in the 19th century. Perspectives may change, but 13-year-old girls' interests in writing about their lives remain a constant over the generations. This diary is from New York History Review's "Learning from History" series of printed primary source materials.


Paperback 144 pages