Our Own Book A Victorian Guide to Life

Our Own Book - A Victorian Guide to Life

New York History Review
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Reprinted by New York History Review

This wonderful book is a reprint of "Our Own Book" first published in 1888. Homespun Cuisine, Health, Romance, Etiquette, Raising Children and Farm Animals

Over 600 old food recipes including Boiled Bullock's Head, Economical Veal Soup, Beef Balls, Frizzled Beef, Knuckle of Veal, Brooklyn Cake, Good Girl's Cake, Railroad Cake, Isinglass Jelly, Gruel, Calf's Foot Jelly, Invalid Apple Pie, Hasty Pudding, Flannel Cakes, Queen Pudding, and Fried Mush.

Make your own barn paint, indelible ink, ginger beer, shaving soap, waterproof glue, cologne, violin varnish, and more. How and when to take a bath. What to feed sheep.

Answers for all of life's challenges as a Victorian person.
ISBN: 978-0-615-20679-0

Paperback 332 pages