Forgotten Songs of Elmira NY Diane Janowski

Victorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Elmira, New York

New York History Review
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Compiled by Diane Janowski

Victorian Pride - Forgotten Songs about Elmira, New York 1854-1910. Fifth in the series of historic American sheet music books by New York History Review. The songs in this book are specific to the city of Elmira, New York and include "Elmira Schottisch" by A. J. Abbey, "Little Barefoot Waltzes" by W. O. Wilkenson, "Dove Schottish" by J. Eliason, "Margery" by Lucia B. Hazen, "St. Omer's Commandery March" by Frank A. Remick, "The Growler" by Charles X. O'Brien, "If You Were a Big Red Rose" by Charles X. O'Brien, "The Old Farmer's Grave" by A. J. Abbey, and "May I Love You" by William Cramer.

Coil bound for easy playing

60 pages